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learn, strum, sing & have fun
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(group ukulele lessons)
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This program is available in-person
(indoors or outdoors)


  • ukulele origin, parts, sizes, tunings

  • various ukulele strums

  • how to create chords

  • how to move from chord to chord

Sing and Play...

  • children's songs

  • rock 'n' roll

  • pop

  • country 

  • & more . . .


Dave brings song sheets and a uke info sheet ​for everyone to use and take home.

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a Ukulele Workshop...

  • is typically for ages 7 and up (but younger kids are welcome) – learning at a reasonable own pace, with the support of others, and

  • can be for up to 20 people, for up to 90 minutes.


As one participant said after a recent Uke Workshop, "I can't believe how much everyone has learned in this short a time."

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