with Dave Maloof 

(vocals, keyboard &



All shows include a

sound system and a pre-show


Edu-Concerts are available as

House Shows.

This program is available
  • in-person          or
  • online (Zoom, Facebook Live)
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Education + Entertainment

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​An Edu-Concert entertains while you also
learn about a particular musical topic – the performers, songwriters, musical genre, and more. 


An Edu-Concert is suitable for libraries, senior centers, retirement homes, schools, conventions, house shows, and anyplace else

where people want to learn while having fun. 

Laugh & Learn


Music + Comedy Edu-tainment

Original (music and lyrics) and parody (original lyrics) songs sung and played on ukulele or piano, and original jokes – plus info & insights on how and why we laugh (and need to laugh), and the process of writing comedy and music.

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Dave Maloof grimace-smile + ukulele

The Ukulele Show

Look, Listen, Learn & Laugh


Learn about ukuleles – their origin, sizes, sounds – and learn the basics of strumming and chords. Listen to Dave sing and play various songs (pop, Beatles, kids, country, comedy & more).  Bring your own ukulele or borrow one at the show. 


more info:  The Ukulele Show page

Jukebox Classroom

Request Your Favorite Song Genres

Enjoy songs (200+) from genres including Vintage Pop (1890s-1940s), early Rock 'n' Roll, Beatles, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Folk, Shows, Children's, Comedy.

Learn about musical genres – specific songs, songwriters, songwriting, performers.

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All You Need Is Beatles

Performers, Writers, Legends


from Meet the Beatles through Abbey Road, their great songs are sung and played (on keyboard and ukulele), while you learn about John, Paul, George & Ringo as performers, songwriters, musicians & people.

A Century of Songs

Musical Time Travel


100 years of music, with favorites from Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, 1930s-1940s, Movies, Jazz, Folk, Beatles, Rock 'n' Roll, Country, Singer-Songwriter, and Kids Songs.  

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Creators, Performers, Artists

including such singer-songwriters as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Paul Simon, Lennon & McCartney, Amy Winehouse, Chuck Berry, Elton John, and more