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Beach Party
Summertime = any time of the year

Life's a Beach (indoors or outside),
if you make it one
Elvis et al ukuleles (1).jpeg


songs sung and played – on various ukuleles, and keyboard – from these genres:

  • Summer Songs

  • old Rock 'n' Roll

  • Hawaiian tunes

  • Comedy (Dave's originals)

  • and more . . . 


  • the show can be for an hour, or longer

  • have your guests wear their beach gear

  • serve tropical drinks, fresh pineapple, iced teas, ice cream . . .

  • provide leis to wear & take home

  • spread some sand on your floor...?

  • . . . and everyone will be convinced that it's the third week in July, even if it's Groundhog Day

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to Schedule . . .

  • contact Dave using the Contact Form below

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