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Jukebox Classroom
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  • the audience chooses a genre/style of music (see list below)
  • Dave sings and plays a song from that genre . . .
  • and teaches about the musicians, songwriters, & the genre itself
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Genres include:
  • Vintage Pop (1890s-1940s)
  • Beatles
  • World
  • 1950-60s Rock ’n’ Roll
  • Classic Country
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Blues/R ’n’ B
  • Pop/Rock
  • Shows (film & stage)
  • Singer-Songwriter (1970s to today)
  • Children’s
  • Comedy
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Who is Dave Maloof?

Dave has performed at

theaters, clubs, schools,

group residences,

private homes (and more)

in New England, New York & Florida. 

He sings, and plays ukulele & piano. 

He also is a published writer, a songwriter,

and a teacher of ukulele and songwriting. 

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