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Themed Concerts feature

Dave Maloof on

vocals, keyboard &


Ukulele Programs and Musical Playground include instruments to use at the event. 

Ukulele Lessons include a ukulele to use during the first lesson, and guidance in purchasing your own, as well as a chord chart and song sheet.

All Music programs are available as

House Shows.

Themed Concerts

 Choose the Music Style/Genre

Dave offers concerts on various musical (and other) themes.  He'll come to you to sing while playing piano and ukulele – just choose the theme, and the show length. 


see the list of Themed Concerts

Ukulele Programs

 Have fun (and learn) with these group ukulele events, which offer various scheduling options & degrees of participation:  


Ukulele Workshop


Ukulele Day


The Ukulele Show

Musical Playground

Learning + Fun with Musical Instruments

Try out and learn to play ukuleles, keyboard, bongos, tambourines, triangles, egg shakers, and singing – with (or without) amplification.


this way to the Musical Playground


 Ukulele or Songwriting

Individual or small group lessons, at your location or in Belchertown, MA.  Choose what type of music you'd like to write and/or play. 


more details on the Lessons page


Education + Entertainment

An Edu-Concert is for people who want to learn and be entertained, combining songs with info and insights on songwriting, songwriters, performers and technique.


learn more on the Edu-Concert page.

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 A (Funny) Song for You
Custom Song for your Event


Original song lyrics added to the music from a favorite song, and performed at a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any party or celebration.


more info is . . . here

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