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Happy Songs
Here Again
Happy Singing Notes
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100% Happy Songs


  • to help you smile, laugh, and feel good

  • to share with others, in a communal experience

  • to sing with others (or alone) when you need a smile

Listen • Sing Along songs sung by Dave, and played on

  • keyboard

  • ukulele

  • harmonica

  • percussion various song genres:

  • Children's

  • Beatles

  • Vintage Pop

  • Rock 'n' Roll

  • Country

  • Folk

  • Pop

  • Shows

  • R 'n' B

  • Dave's own comedy songs

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Play Along

on hand percussion instruments


...sing along, and play hand percussion instruments

  • djembes

  • darbukas

  • frame drums

  • maracas

  • jingle bells

  • tambourines

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