fun + flexible + educational =
welcome to the
Musical Playground
Play, Learn, Perform, have Fun
on your own schedule
for kids (& former kids)
  • try out instruments
  • learn about music
  • play & sing (amplified)
  • flex-time (come-and-go)
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Yamaha keyboard - partial.jpg

Explore instruments

Ukuleles, keyboard, triangles, bongos, tambourines & egg shakers are there for you to try.  It's a great way to learn about the possibilities in the instruments – and in yourself.

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 Learn and Play Music

Dave provides instruction in how to play, including creating chords, strumming, singing – as well as rhythm, tempo, basic music theory, and song structure.  

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Perform Live

Next, you can take what you've learned and play an instrument, or sing, or both – performing (solo, duo, or small group) into microphones and a sound system. 


have Fun

try out instruments, learn music, and sing & play into an amplified system - while having starting to learn (or learn more) about the world of making music. 

fit it into Your Own Schedule

Just arrive and stay according to your own schedule.  Musical Playground is a "flex-time" event:  four hours (or more) when you can just show up and start having fun & learning, and stay as long as you like.  (Well, until it ends, of course.)