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fun + flexible + educational
Play Learn Perform Compose
for All Ages
try out & learn instruments
>  learn about music
>  play & sing (amplified)
>  write songs
welcome to the
Musical Playground
(& Classroom)
flex-time (come-and-go) or  fixed-time
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Explore instruments

15 ukuleles (5 sizes), 3 keyboards (regular & kid-sized), 10 frame drums, 3 triangles, 4 djembes,  4 darbukas, a tongue drum, 3 tambourines, 15 maracas, and a dozen egg shakers (and your own voice) are there for making music.  It's a great way to learn about the possibilities in the instruments – and in yourself.

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Learn to Play & Write Music

Dave provides instruction in how to play each instrument – including creating chords, strumming, picking, singing –as well as rhythm, tempo, basic music theory, and song structure, while also giving you room to explore on your own,

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Perform Live

You can take what you've learned and play an instrument, or sing, or both even write and sing your own song – while performing (solo, duo, trio...) into microphones and a complete sound system.


have Fun

It's fun to have new experiences, meet new people, and play music together. The learning happens naturally, and when we enjoy ourselves while learning, we learn more about the music – and about ourselves. 

fit Your Own Schedule

Arrive & stay as long as you like, according to your own schedule. 


Set a start-and-finish time

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