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Ukulele Programs

Ukulele programs can be entertaining and educational, or just plain entertaining, and are for kids, adults or both.

Dave Maloof

has taught ukulele to kids and adults ages 5 to 80+, and has performed throughout New England and New York

All Ukulele programs are available as

House Shows.

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Ukulele Day

Learn + Play for Half a Day

At a Ukulele Day, people can come and go over a

four-hour time period – trying out various ukuleles,

learning to play, and singing & playing (through a sound system) with Dave and other ukers. 

for more info > Ukulele Day page

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Ukulele Workshop

Learn to Play Ukulele as a Group

Learn to fret and strum chords, then sing along to familiar songs - playing your own uke, or borrowing one for the workshop.  Song Sheets and Ukulele Info handouts

also are provided.

see more at the Ukulele Workshop page

The Ukulele Show

 Education + Entertainment


  • Learn about ukulele history, types, sizes, sounds.

  • Listen to songs (comedy, Beatles, pop, kids + more) played and sung by Dave.

  • Bring your own ukulele to learn and join in.

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Ukulele Lessons

Individual or Small Group

Beginner to intermediate lessons cover technique (fretting, strumming, picking) and basic music theory.  For more information . . . Ukulele Lessons page

Ukulele Party

Sing & Play Ukulele

Learn the basics of playing ukulele. Ukuleles are provided for the party, which can be for kids, adults or both.

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