fun + flexible + educational =
welcome to the
Musical Playground
Play, Learn, Perform, have Fun
on your own schedule
for kids (& former kids)
  • try out instruments
  • learn about music
  • play & sing (amplified)
  • flex-time (come-and-go)

Explore instruments

Ukuleles, keyboard, triangles, bongos, tambourines & egg shakers are there for you to try.  It's a great way to learn about the possibilities in the instruments – and in yourself.

Learn and Play Music

Dave provides instruction in how to play, including creating chords, strumming, singing – as well as rhythm, tempo, basic music theory, and song structure.  

Perform Live

Next, you can take what you've learned and play an instrument, or sing, or both – performing (solo, duo, or small group) into microphones and a sound system. 

have Fun

It's fun to try out instruments, learn music, and sing & play into an amplified system. And while having fun, you're also starting to learn – or learning more – about the world of making music. 

all On Your Own Schedule

Just arrive and stay according to your own schedule.  Musical Playground is a "flex-time" event:  four hours (or more) when you can just show up and start having fun & learning, and stay as long as you like.  (Well, until it ends, of course.)   

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