a one-of-a-kind song
written & performed for your event
A (Funny)
Song for You
bring laughter to
birthday, anniversary, retirement
and other parties with
an original, funny song performed
and/or recorded for posterity
in-person performances will return when it is safe to gather in groups
only remote
(audio + video) performances or recordings are available at this time


what YOU do...

  • provide the name of a favorite song of the guest of honor (to be used as the music in the custom song)

  • provide information about the guest of honor, which will be used in writing the lyrics of the song

  • indicate whether you'd like Dave to play ukulele or keyboard while singing the song

  • tell Dave when you'll need the song (date & time)


what DAVE does...

  • writes original lyrics to match the provided music

  • consults with you if needed

  • creates a musical arrangement

  • rehearses the song

  • performs live and/or records the song for you and your guests

what EVERYONE enjoys...

  • a one-of-a-kind song – and performance and/or recording – to make your event even more special

  • a printed copy of the song's lyrics (and chords)

  • a recording (.mp3) of the song (optional)

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