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Love Around the World
Love Songs to Bring Us Together
musical notes heart shape (cropped)_edit understand how people
- and music -
that at first
might seem different,
are more alike
than we
might realize.
woman sitting playing guitar outdoors.jpg

Love Songs

Not just romantic love songs – but also songs about love among family, friends, even strangers . . .

. . . because love among strangers makes friends.

from Musicians & Writers including

Bob Marley (Jamaica) Regina Spector (Russia)

France (Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel) Tanzania/India (Freddie Mercury)

England (The Beatles...and many others)  Canada (Joni Mitchell) • 

plus Lebanon, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Sweden . . .

and U.S.-born of various ancestries & heritages:

Fats Domino, Nina Simone, Linda Ronstadt,

Sly Stone, and many many others . . .

heart keys uke.jpg
musical notes and globe

sing along . . .

and learn about & play World instruments

  • sing familiar World Love songs

  • learn new songs

  • play World percussion instruments (from Africa, Middle East, India, Mediterranean), including djembes, darbukas, frame drums, tambourines, maracas, triangles

  • play ukuleles (Hawaii, Portugal)

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