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Funny Words, Funny Music
original material by Dave Maloof
customized for your audience:
  • All Ages
  • Kids Only
  • Grown-ups Only
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Dave's all-original and parody songs include:

  • "My Wife Is In Love With the Dog"

  • "I Miss Recess"

  • "Colonoscopy!"

  • "I Like To Go To the Dentist"

  • "I Can't Dance"

  • "I'm Not Bitter"

  • "I Had a Dream that I Went to School..."

  • "Hush Little Baby" (parody)

  • "Put Me in the Zoo"

  • "Three Little Birds" (parody)

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Dave has performed throughout New England, New York & Florida, at:

PTSA Comedy Show 68_2_2_2.JPG
  • comedy clubs

  • theaters

  • schools & colleges

  • businesses

  • senior housing facilities

  • private homes

  • a campground

  • restaurants & bars

  • . . . and a German hunting club (yes, really)


G = as clean as comedy can get, suitable for everyone
      (all Cultural Council programs are rated G)

PG = adult-ish topics, clean language

PG13 = some adult topics and adult language

       or    a potpourri, of all three  (G + PG + PG13)


> Custom Jokes or Songs can be written for the occasion <

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"Funny Words, Funny Music" material can be

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oh, and if you want to learn while you laugh

(yes, that's possible), check out

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(you'll still get the health benefits of laughter :)

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