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Ukulele Songwriting Piano Singing


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  • online, or

  • in or near Belchertown, MA (01007)

  • at your home, or the teacher's home

  • for beginning learners ages 7 to 97


Ukulele Lessons

(Individual or Small Group)

  • Lessons cover strumming, fretting chords, moving between chords, and finger-picking.

  • You can bring your own ukulele, but Dave has ukuleles you can try out for your first lesson, and can give advice on buying your own. 

  • You choose what types of music and/or specific songs you would like to learn. 

Dave Maloof teaches ukulele both to individuals and in group workshops, and plays ukulele in performance

(while singing) around New England.

Songwriting Lessons (1 or 2 Individuals)

  • Learn how write a songwords and music – on any topic, in any style.

  • Songwriting can be done with a piano, ukulele, or both. 

  • You supply your own writing materials or devices (laptop, tablet, phone).  Dave brings a portable, battery-powered keyboard (with built-in speakers) to each lesson, which helps the songwriter learn some music theory while writing songs.

Dave Maloof has been writing songs since he was 18 years old, has been performing his songs for 12 years, and

has been a teacher for over 30 years.

Piano Lessons  (1 or 2 Individuals)

  • Students learn chords and melody, which connects to ukulele, songwriting and singing – the other lessons offered.

  • Music is mostly lead sheets (chord name, melody line, lyrics).  Students can choose a style of music and/or specific songs to learn.

  • Dave can bring one keyboard to your house, allowing lessons for two people (if you have your own piano/keyboard).  At his home, two keyboards are available.

Dave Maloof has played piano since he was 16 years old,

and now plays (and sings) around New England.

Singing Lessons (1 or 2 individuals)

  • Lessons will include basic technique, including breathing, body position, mental approach + more. 

  • Singing Lessons are meant to be combined with Ukulele, Pianos, or Songwriting Lessons. 

  • The student can choose the song(s) to be learned, practiced and sung.

Dave Maloof learned singing technique from a university voice professor, and passes on his learning (from lessons and performance) to his students. He has sung in performance for 12 years. 

Q & A . . .

What ages are lessons for?

All lessons are intended for ages 7 to 97.

What will lessons cost?

Cost depends on where lessons take place, the length of the lesson, and the number of students – the more students per lessons, the lower the cost per-student.  (You also can save money by buying a six-ticket lesson plan.)  For your specific costs, contact Dave

What if I want to schedule lessons, or have other questions?

Contact Dave using the form below, or by phone: 413-695-1289.   

Contact Dave at MusicPlusComedy

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