Look, Listen, Learn & Laugh
The Ukulele Show
- or -
(safely distanced, indoors or outside)
or live)

Listen (& Laugh)

to songs (sung and) played using various techniques, on different ukuleles:

  • Dave's own comedy songs

  • Beatles

  • Tin Pan Alley

  • Children's

  • Singer-Songwriter

  • Rock 'n' Roll

  • Folk & Country

  • Blues & Jazz

Learn about Ukuleles

  • the four different sizes, plus various tunings, constructions, sounds, strings . . .

  • how to strum chords & pick chords

  • forming chords, and transitioning between them

  • how to buy your own ukulele

Play along


(or just watch + learn)

How to enjoy the show...

either watch & enjoy OR watch, play along & enjoy


  1. sign up (name & email and/or phone) through the sponsoring venue

  2. optional: if you don't have a ukulele, buy or borrow one, using the Ukulele Buying Guide link at MusicPlusComedy.com/uke-stuff  

  3. look over the Song Sheets linked at MusicPlusComedy.com/uke-stuff

  4. have fun learning, playing, listening and laughing

  5. email Dave with any questions, before or after the show

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