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So who is this "Dave Maloof," anyway??

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Dave Maloof musician

Dave Maloof


teaching ukulele to kids

Dave Maloof


Dave Maloof writer

David Maloof


Dave Maloof comedian

Dave Maloof


 Dave Maloof is a writer who became a teacher who became a comedian who became a musician – and who now is all of those, resulting in MusicPlusComedy

He draws on these various skills and experiences to conceive,

develop and present the programs that he offers through


Dave writes and performs his own songs, and

has published over 400 articles, essays and reviews

in The Boston Globe and other publications.

He taught college-level writing for 25 years,and

community music for 11 years (and counting...),

to students ranging in age from 3 to 70+.

His education includes B.A. and M.A. degrees

in English/Writing from UMass Boston;

piano lessons (long ago) in from Tom Boyer;

and voice lessons (in 2017) from UMass/Amherst

voice professor Jamie-Rose Guarrine.

He is very grateful to his two teachers,

who helped him to find his own way through music.

Dave has performed stand-up comedy (formerly, as "Dave Yubruh")

in New England, New York and Florida,

at theaters, clubs, schools, businesses, restaurants,

private homes, retirement homes, senior centers,

and other venues.

And since 2013 he has been presenting

Entertainment + Education programs in communities

throughout Massachusetts.

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