fun + flexible + educational =
Ukulele Day
(or Night)
Learn, Listen, Perform, have Fun
to play ukulele
6 ukuleles
Try out
different ukes
kids performing at Ukulele Day
solo, duo, group
Ukulele Concert - Dave Maloof
to mini-concerts
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Flexible Schedule

At a MusicPlusComedy Ukulele Day, people come and go according to their schedules – to learn, listen, perform, and have fun.  This makes this four-hour (or more) experience available to more people, at more times, than scheduling a brief, fixed time period. 

Lots of Activities

Stop in to the Ukulele Day location to learn to play, try out different ukes (20 ukuleles will be available, in five different sizes), perform (with a microphone and a speaker, either alone or with others), and enjoy mini-concerts by Dave. Activities come and go throughout the Day, as requested by participants.  

colorful ukuleles
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for Organizations & Events

A Ukulele Day can be scheduled for four hours or more, and is for libraries, community centers, senior centers & residences, businesses, parties, conventions, schools, receptions, fairs, and any other gathering place or event.