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Learn, Listen, Laugh
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Ukulele Party
for adults, kids, or all ages
learn on one of the 20 ukes
brought to the party
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  • strumming, basic chords

  • moving from chord to chord

  • try out different type & size ukuleles (soprano, concert, tenor & baritone sizes)

Play and Sing

  • children's songs

  • rock 'n' roll

  • pop

  • country 

  • & more

using chord & song sheets ​for everyone to use and take home.

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Listen (& Laugh)

to a ukulele concert of

  • Dave's own comedy songs, and/or covers of

  • Beatles

  • rock 'n' roll

  • pop

  • folk & country

  • and more . . .

Other options:

  • enjoy the concert only (no learnin')
  • make the whole event the learning

  • something else that you come up with

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