Kids Show
& Perform-A-Long
Listen to a Mini-Concert
Learn & Play Music
Perform into a Live Sound System

Listen to a Concert

Dave sings and plays (on ukulele and keyboard) his original fun (and funny) songs, as well as familiar kids' songs, Beatles tunes, and others.  Kids begin participating as songs go along.

Learn and Play Music

Then it's all about kids making the music themselves, as they learn about rhythm, tempo, chords, basic song structure, and how to strum – while playing ukuleles, triangles, tambourines, egg shakers, and singing.  

Perform Live

Next up is the kids taking what they've learned and trying it out while playing an instrument, or singing, or both. Kids perform solo or in a duo or small group, into microphones and a sound system. 

have Fun

Kids love to try out instruments, to learn, and to sing & play into an amplified system.  And while they're having fun, they're also starting to learn – or learning more – about the exciting world of making music. 

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