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Programs &


offers two types of events:


Learning + Entertainment programs

combine fun with education for kids, adults or both.



Entertainment-only programs provide the health benefits of music, laughter & community

Love Around the World

Understanding Each Other through Music

Love songs from around the world, to bring people together – and world instruments (hand percussion & ukulele)

for everyone to play as one.

more info: Love Around the World page

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Laugh & Learn

Healing through Comedy & Laughter

Enjoy original comedy songs + jokes, learn how (and why)

jokes and comedic songs are written, and discover the

physical and psychological benefits of comedy & laughter.


see the Laugh & Learn page

Listen, Learn & Play

Health and Happiness through Music

See, hear (and sing along to) familiar songs performed;
learn how music affects us physically, mentally, emotionally; then play instruments (hand percussion & ukuleles) to experience the benefits of making music.


details: Listen, Learn, Play

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Happy Songs are Here Again
100% Smile-Making Songs

No Sad Songs Allowed!  Enjoy a variety of tunes

to make your day or evening (& life?) a happy

(or even happier) one. Sing along –

and play hand percussion instruments, too.


more info at Happy Songs

Ukulele Day

Learn + Play (in Flex-Time)

Come-and-stay any time during

a 2.5-hour time period –

trying out various ukuleles, learning to play,

and singing & playing (through a sound system)

with Dave and other ukers


link to Ukulele Day for details

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Ukulele Workshop

Learn to Play Ukulele as a Group

Learn to fret and strum chords, then sing along to familiar songs -- bring your own uke, or borrow one for the workshop. 

Includes Song Sheets and Ukulele Info handouts to use
and take with you.


more info at Ukulele Workshop

The Ukulele Show

Entertainment (+ Learning, too)

Watch, listen and learn as Dave teaches ukulele origins,

history, ukulele types and playing techniques,

while singing (and playing) pop, rock 'n' roll, kids,

country, folk, world & other songs. 


discover more: The Ukulele Show

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