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offers two types of events:


Learning + Entertainment programs

combine fun with education for kids, adults or both.



Entertainment-only programs provide the health benefits of music, laughter & community

Listen, Learn & Play

Health and Happiness through Music

See, hear (and sing along to) familiar songs performed;
learn how music affects us physically, mentally, emotionally; then play instruments (hand percussion & ukuleles) to experience the benefits of making music.


details: Listen, Learn, Play

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Nature's Music

Songs of Our Natural World

Enjoy the beauty of nature & music

and discover the connections among

music, nature, and our own human nature

with songs from genres

including folk, children's, pop, country,

shows, rock, Beatles, rhythm 'n' blues & more.

see the Nature's Music page

Happy Songs are Here Again
100% Smile-Making Songs

No Sad Songs Allowed!  Enjoy – and sing along to –

a variety of tunes to help make your day

or evening (& life?) a happier one.


more info at Happy Songs

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Musical Playground

Make Music & Have Fun

> Flex-Time <

(come-and-go over 2+ hours)

  • try out instruments – 12 ukuleles, 3 keyboards,
    8 different
    percussion instruments (frame drums, darbukas, djembes, tambourines, maracas & more)

  • learn about music concepts & terms

  • learn to write a song

  • play & sing amplified, with a microphone & speaker


see the Musical Playground page

Ukulele Workshop

Learn to Play Ukuleles

Learn to fret and strum chords,

then sing along to familiar songs --

bring your own uke, or borrow one for the workshop. 

Includes Song Sheets and Ukulele Info handouts

to useand take with you.


more info at Ukulele Workshop

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The Ukulele Show

Entertainment (+ Learning, too)

Watch, listen and learn as Dave:

  • sings (and plays, on various ukuleles) pop,
    rock 'n' roll,
    country, folk, kids, world & other songs.

  • teaches ukulele origins, history, ukulele types
    and playing techniques


discover more: The Ukulele Show

Ukulele Day

Learn + Play

> Flex-Time <

(come-and-go over 2+ hours) <

Come-and-stay any time during a

2+-hour time period –

trying out different ukuleles,

learning to play,

playing from song sheets,

and singing & playing

(even through a sound system)

with Dave and other ukesters.


link to Ukulele Day (for details)

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